From the Harvest of May's First Flush Tea

from the mansions

Köşkçay is a special belended tea; a new and verydelicious tea is made byusing 4 different and high level tea leaves and by adjusting their weights. First and only in Turkey, available at and contracted dealers.


the story of our tea leaf


Tea leaves are harvested by tea cultivators with great care. Even if our tea hives are very mature and large, they are pruned to waist height, thus, collectors can easily reach to leaves and buds from the youngest and newest growth near the top of the plant.


Population of the tea plant having a lifespan of a century, that consists of young leaves meticulously cultivated for this craft tea, is prepared laboriously in order to present a more excellent taste for you. It requires effort, but it is abundant, and also it is provided to reach your tables easily by us.


Tea leaves are carefully transported to our warehouses between the vast mountains, sometimes using the primitive telpherline method, and sometimes using the human power up to the full.


Baking starts the final drying process. When the leaf is oxidized to the desired level, we apply heat to the tea leaf to stop the oxidation process and reduce the moisture content of the leaf so that the tea leaves can be stored intact. Depending on the type of heat applied, firing may also give some flavor properties of the final tea.


Throughout a typical 8-hour working day in the tea garden, a hunter will fill several baskets with tea leaves in a fresh basket. When a basket is full, the collectors pick up the tea leaves to be inspected and classified and weighed to ensure that only the highest quality, undamaged tea leaves are selected for processing.


It is prepared in a boutique way. It has the feature of being a tea that has snow on in the world. This tea, in which the fragrance curls fly off when you brew and take you on a journey of flavor, is carefully selected from young leaves and delivered to your table after the tasting process.

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